Cumin (Jeera) for Weight Loss

Cumin or Jeera, a low-calorie spice, is traditionally used for shedding weight. Laden with essential minerals and dietary fibers, cumin boosts metabolism and accelerates weight loss.

Is Cumin Really Good for Weight Loss

A study was conducted on 78 obese people divided into three groups. The first group received capsules containing cumin extract, the second group got anti-obesity medication, and the third group received placebo treatment, thrice a day for eight weeks. The result revealed that people who got cumin extract showed significant improvements than the other two groups.

The Shahid Beheshti University of Iran did a study on 88 obese women, where half of them were given cumin and yogurt as a part of their diet, while the others received only yogurt as a placebo treatment. After eight weeks, there was a mentionable improvement in the LDL and triglyceride levels in the first group.

Cumin for Weight Loss

How Are Cumin and Weight Loss Related

Cumin is enriched with iron which enhances your metabolic rate and helps you burn calories. It contains phytosterols that can hinder cholesterol absorption in the digestive tract, aiding in weight loss. Moreover, it detoxifies the liver and aids in smooth digestion. This also acts as an appetite suppressant and provides relief to stomach muscles.

How to use Cumin for Weight Loss

Cumin Seeds (for cumin or jeera water)

Immerse two tablespoons of cumin seeds into one-liter water and leave it overnight with a tight lid. Consume in small amounts whenever possible throughout the following day.

After drinking the water, you may further utilize the soaked cumin seeds by boiling them in five cups of water. Filter the water and let it cool. A few drops of lemon juice and two tablespoons of honey may also be added. Consume this mixture every morning on an empty stomach for around 15 days.

Cumin Powder

Mix five grams of yogurt with one teaspoon of cumin powder and consume daily.

Blend together three grams of cumin powder, a glass of water, and a few drops of honey and drink it daily.

Mash a banana, add some cumin powder to it, mix well and store it. Consume two tablespoons of this paste every day.

Add cumin powder to your vegetable soup along with few drops of lemon juice and grated ginger. You can also add some cumin powder to your brown rice, salads, and lentil stews.

Cumin Tea

Boil one teaspoon of cumin with equal amount of fennel seeds and coriander in four cups of water for five minutes. Strain it and drink the tea.

Mix one-quarter tablespoon of cinnamon, one tablespoon of crushed ginger, and one tablespoon of cumin powder along with few drops of lemon juice in one cup of boiling water. You may also add honey to taste. Drink this thirty minutes before your meal.

Cumin Curry 

Heat oil in a pan and add a handful of mustard seeds, half tablespoon of cumin seeds, around five curry leaves and a red chili. Add tamarind juice afterward, followed by water and green chili. After the mixture reaches the boiling point, add mashed horse gram. Spice up with tamarind juice and serve over steamed rice.

Safety and Precaution

It is safe for all if consumed in moderate quantity, but over consumption can sometimes cause digestive problems, low blood sugar, and heartburn.