Mayonnaise for Lice

Mayonnaise is a commonly used, and effective natural remedy for removing head lice. Due to its easy availability and simple application, it has been used for this purpose over a long period of time.

Does Mayonnaise Really Kill Lice

There is no substantial document validating the effectiveness of mayonnaise on lice as of now.

How Does Mayonnaise Work for Head Lice

Generally, the thickness of mayonnaise smothers the lice and eradicates them due to its vinegar and fat content. The direct mechanism has not been proven, but since it is non-toxic and skin-friendly, it is safe for all.

Does it kill lice eggs (nits)

Again, there is no way to confirm how it works, but it is believed that once applied, the mayonnaise suffocates the nits, preventing them from developing further.


Mayonnaise for Lice
Mayonnaise for Lice

How to Get Rid of Lice with Mayonnaise

Apply a generous amount of mayonnaise to the scalp, roots, behind the ears and neck area thoroughly. Use a shower cap and leave it overnight. Wash off with shampoo (preferably with a vinegar rinse afterwards) in the next morning followed by blow drying and combing up your hair to shed off the nits.

You may use a little Vaseline and olive oil with mayonnaise for better results. Adding some lemon juice is believed to help further in getting rid of the nits.

If used for children, make sure they do not consume the mayonnaise at any cost, as after few hours it becomes rancid.

Apply once a week and continue for two months.

Safety and Precaution

It is usually safe unless the applied mayonnaise is consumed by mistake. For using during pregnancy, make sure to consult your doctor to avoid any adverse outcome.