Cumin or Jeera, a low-calorie spice, is traditionally used for shedding weight. Laden with essential minerals and dietary fibers, cumin boosts metabolism and accelerates weight loss. Is Cumin Really Good for Weight Loss A study was conducted on 78 obese people divided into three groups. The first group received capsules containing cumin extract, the second group […]

Neem oil is a quick and easy solution for hair problems including dandruff and split ends. Because of its medicinal properties, it has been an integral part of traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Is Neem Oil Good for Hair According to a study, as done on a group of 12 children, neem based shampoo has a remarkable effect […]

From stimulating hair growth to fighting dandruff, curry leaves do wonders. In the following points we will discuss how and why curry leaves are so beneficial for hair. Are Curry Leaves Really Good for Your Hair According to a research, curry leaves contain antioxidant properties which are beneficial for hair, although the exact mechanism has […]

Neem oil, extracted from the seeds of neem or the Indian lilac, is a natural solution used topically for acne and rosacea. It is an inflammation of the skin, caused by bacteria and accelerated by hormonal imbalance, stress, unhygienic habits and irregular diet. Is Neem Oil Really Good for Acne Although not much evidence is available, […]

Mayonnaise is a commonly used, and effective natural remedy for removing head lice. Due to its easy availability and simple application, it has been used for this purpose over a long period of time. Does Mayonnaise Really Kill Lice There is no substantial document validating the effectiveness of mayonnaise on lice as of now. How Does Mayonnaise […]

Castor oil is a natural laxative being used for lessening constipation since the ancient Egyptian era. Deficiency of required fiber and fluid hardens the stool, leading to constipation. Recent researches have shown proper usage of castor oil can put a stop to this problem, ensuring smoother passage of stools. Is Castor Oil Good for Constipation […]

Feverfew, scientifically known as Tanacetum parthenium, is a migraine alleviating herb that has been used for a long time. Mostly the leaves, sometimes the stems, are utilized to provide relief from different types of migraines, including the classic (with aura), common (without aura), chronic, ocular, and cluster types, as well as migraine associated vertigo (VAM). […]

Tea tree oil, laden with germicidal and antifungal properties, is a natural remedy for eliminating and preventing further spreading of ringworms or dermatophytosis. Can Tea Tree Oil Really Treat Ringworm In 2004, an in vitro  study carried out by NCCIH indicated that tea tree oil can be a potential solution for curing ringworms as it kills […]

Lavender oil, produced from the flowers of the plant has a soothing fragrance and may act as a sleep aid for people suffering from insomnia and sleep apnea. Due to its calming effect, it may be useful in reducing stress and anxiety as well as helping babies to sleep. Does Lavender Oil Really Help with […]

Sweet almond oil, also known as pure almond oil is a traditional remedy for removing dark circles, a common outcome of stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and hereditary reasons. A proper application of sweet almond oil can reduce the problem within a few weeks. Is Almond Oil Really Good for Dark Circle Although no clinical research has been […]

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